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Kali - Flower Essence Mist
Kali - Flower Essence Mist
Kali - Flower Essence Mist
Kali - Flower Essence Mist
Ebb & Flow

Kali - Flower Essence Mist

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… K A L I flower essence mist …

organic neroli & calendula


cosmic flower essence mist for rejuvenation of the skin & soul



fresh botanical rejuvenation potion :: formulated for deep healing & refreshment in honor of Kali the goddess of rebirth, renewal, & power - like the gentle plant spirits of calendula & neroli.

calendula :

-stimulates collagen growth

-pain management (great for anything from acne, to rashes, to minor cuts, to sunburn)

-creates soft supple skin

-carries a spirit of protection & transformation



-pure luxury

-reduces inflammation


-increases radiance

-carries a spirit of cosmic light, peace, & relief


mist liberally :: can be sprayed all over the body, especially therapeutic and nourishing as a facial tonic.

2 oz 

Kali is rising in YOU, rise with her .:.


ingredients: neroli hydrosol*, calendula hydrosol*, witch hazel*, neroli essential oil


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