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Lauren McCrocklin, owner founder of The Wild Heart, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007.  After graduating, Lauren spent some time in New York before returning to Richmond in 2011 to start The Wild Heart—a bohemian-inspired leather handbag line. While building the brand, she helped open Richmond’s Addison Vintage in 2013.  After six fulfilling years growing Addison, she began a new chapter by opening The Wild Heart storefront in July 2019. 

 In the intimate space, Lauren brings a consciously-curated collection of her favorite designers together from around the world. She draws inspiration from her supportive husband Brian and son Nolan.  Her life experiences and travels are influences that can be seen around the shop. Working alongside her sister Jessica Divine—the designer behind Blue Begonia Jewelry—they have cultivated the aesthetic that has come to be The Wild Heart.  

Speaking to fun-loving, like-minded individuals, The Wild Heart offers an array of women's wear, gifts, accessories, homewares, and baby items with a focus on ethical and sustainable brands. Excited for what the future holds, Lauren knows this is just the beginning.