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Far-Out Flowerchild Incense Sticks

Far-Out Flowerchild Incense Sticks

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Great For
Romantic desire, promoting self-love and filing the atmosphere with warm, self-love mantra affirmations, manifesting good vibes, harmonizing frequencies and peaceful energies.

Scent Notes
Mantra / Floral + Woody - Frankincense & Myrrh

Scent Throw: How Strong is it?

About the Incense Sticks
These slow burning, genuine Indian incense sticks are carefully hand-rolled in pure indigenous herbal extracts, essential oils and natural plant-based ingredients, including joss powder, costam, spentwood dust, halmadi resin, almond drops and clove bud powder. No charcoal. 100% of-the-earth and totally chemical-free.

How to Light Incense
- Light the end of the incense stick, blow out flame and place it in your incense holder.
- Ensure the stick incense holder is heatproof and non-flammable.
- Burn incense sticks in a well-ventilated room and away from flammable materials.
- Never leave incense burning unattended or near children or pets.

    Burn time 
    60 minutes of burn-time per incense stick
    15 hours of burn-time total per bulk pack of incense

    15 incense sticks x Far-Out Flowerchild - Incense Sticks


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