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Namaste Unbothered Incense Sticks

Namaste Unbothered Incense Sticks

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Great For
Heightening self-awareness, boosting confidence and unlocking the power of your inner mystic, this traditional Indian incense is best for morning yoga, afternoon yoga, evening yoga, reiki, Hindu rituals or meditation. Enjoy the mental health benefits of being more intentionally mindful with real Indian incense. Stay unbothered, centered and focused.

Scent Notes
Herbal + Uplifting

Scent Throw: How Strong is it?

About the Incense Sticks
These genuine Indian incense sticks are carefully hand-rolled in pure indigenous herbal extracts, essential oils and natural plant-based ingredients, including joss powder, costam, spentwood dust, halmadi resin, almond drops and clove bud powder. No charcoal. 100% of-the-earth and totally chemical-free.

How to Light Incense
- Light the end of the incense stick, blow out flame and place it in your incense holder.
- Ensure the stick incense holder is heatproof and non-flammable.
- Burn incense sticks in a well-ventilated room and away from flammable materials.
- Never leave incense burning unattended or near children or pets.

    Burn time 
    60 minutes of burn-time per incense stick
    15 hours of burn-time total per bulk pack of incense

    15 incense sticks x Namaste Unbothered - Incense Sticks


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